Sullivan’s Island Cottage Historic Renovation

This quaint Sullivan’s Island cottage has seen quite a rich and varied history. The original structure dates back to around 1890 and consisted of a simple one story structure with small front porch protected by a gable roof structure. Throughout the middle to late twentieth century, the elegant simplicity of the house was lost under several poorly constructed and ill-conceived additions and interior renovations. The result was a haphazard structure that swallowed the original structure of the small cottage. The beauty of that cottage has now been restored with the removal of the non-historic additions and the refurbishment of the interior spaces of the original structure.


The main interior spaces were refinished in historically appropriate beaded wood paneling on the walls and v-groove paneling on the ceiling. The original wood fireplace was restored by removing a modern metal insert and repairing the original flue system. The large front windows in the family room and master bedroom were removed and replaced with a triple set of windows that were more appropriate in size and scale for the cottage. The original heart pine floors were refinished, bringing out their original natural beauty. The rebuilt front porch incorporates details original to the house such as the rebuilt horizontal railing system and the gingerbread trim at the porch fascia which was removed, retained, and reinstalled. The once dilapidated structure is now a beautiful beach cottage which has added richness to the lives of the owners as well as the architectural heritage of the island.